Veronika LozoviukováPrague / Czech Republic

Veronica Lozoviukova finished Music Education Faculty of Charles University in Prague. She is a teacher at School of Arts Taussigova in Prague. She is conductor of leading choirs in Prague. – Mixed Choir Post Scriptum and Children’s choirs “Moudivlacek” and “Fringilla” Except 3 choir singing she also teaches solo singing, piano playing and theory of music. With her choirs she received many prizes at national and international level. In spring 2005 her choir won a golden medal on international competition festival Mundi Cantat in Olomouc in category of adult chamber choirs. In November 2007 her choir won third place at International Warsaw Choir Festival “Varsovia Cantat” wining with nearly 10 choir in category. Also in 2007 her choir Fringilla won gold medal at National Competition of School’s choirs.